Sunday, June 17, 2012

Trust in the Lord by Fr. Thomas Richter

From the CD sleeve:

This talk is practical. It is for everyone—beginners and masters in the spiritual life. We all know that growth in holiness is largely about growing in trust in our Lord Jesus Christ. But how does one do that realistically? In this talk, Bismarck Diocese Vocations Director Fr. Tom Richter will describe in concrete terms what the interior act of trust looks like, and what we must choose in order to grow in this trust. Listener comments: "Father Richter explores the notion or "trust in the Lord" in a most unique way. We must appreciate what it is to "receive"... and how that concept is integral to our childhood identity. How he does that is a wonderful journey." George - Astoria, NY "Fr Richter is one of the gifted priests whose love for and dedication to Truth comes through loud and clear, in the middle of his welcome humor. His simplification of what it takes to be God’s child is desperately needed today by a very confused humanity." Monica - Wichita, KS "Wow! Trust is the Lord was exactly what I needed to hear… BOY! Did I need to hear this message! I could listen to this CD everyday! Great message to hear during silent personal prayer or retreat! Father tells us to TRUST Like a CHILD. This CD has a message YOU WILL WANT to HEAR to understand how and WHY to TRUST in the Lord… So many answers to help understand what we don’t understand about prayer and how God wants us to trust and RECEIVE His love which is “right and just”. He knows what’s good for us~ we just need to RECEIVE it from God the Father, Almighty! Amen! EXCELLENT message with guidance that tells us that God WANTS YOU to WANT the GOOD He wants to GIVE YOU! RECEIVE IT! Through His Son, Jesus Christ! He’s our everything!" Jennifer - Marin, CA I absolutely agree with Jennifer from CA. I could listen to this CD every day. Because every day we have to choose to trust in the Lord. This is quite possibly one of the best, most practical CDs Lighthouse has ever released. Definitely get a copy today!

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